All my lovin’

My guitar is blue, my picks transparent; my studio walls are white with my favourite riff painted in blue. I guess it's because it strikes a chord with the colours I see when my music is really me, pure and free.
I’m rocking it on my black GUITAR GOD throne, which sits perfectly with my body and playing style, so I can go for hours on end.

Or is it the gold Guitar God logo
that does the trick?
Either way, it's all mine.

My design. My tattoo.
Because I feel like it!
Peter Rener, the founder and CEO

Completely customized
guitar seats, stands and accessories

a winning combination on and offstage


Premium materials
Slovenian wood


deluxe edition


Whether you are a guitar god or on the way to getting there, own a practice and rehearsal space or recording studio and want to meet the needs of your customers and performers, teach future guitar gods or you have just put “learn to play guitar” on your bucket list, we have got you covered.

Essential to your musical expression.

Not only can you take your pick from our GUITAR GOD STANDARDS, but you can also compose your very own
by selecting the components and colours of your seat, stand and accessories to match your guitar set and,
most importantly, to suit your playing style and personality.


Think about how many thousands of hours you have spent sitting playing your instrument over the years, especially those of you who favour acoustic and classical guitar over electric. Premium quality guitar seats not only prevent bad posture and back injuries, but also improve your playing and ability to access notes, particularly those located on the higher frets.

Excellence per se.

The Guitar God team can never be grateful enough
for being able to work with the best in the business.
And if there is one thing all masters of their craft agree upon is that excellence can only be achieved through repetition. After years of repetition and learning, Guitar God premium selection is just that:
Excellence per se — an invaluable addition to your guitar set and essential to your musical expression.